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The Answer lyrics


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        long ago in a dusty village
    full of hunger, pain and strife
    a man came forth with a vision of truth
    and the way to a better life
    he was convinced he had the answer
    and he compelled people to follow along
    but the hunger never vanished
    and the man was banished
    and the village dried up and died
    at a time when wise men peered
    through brass tubes toward the sky
    the heavens changed in predictable ways
    and one man was able to find
    that he had found the answer
    and he was quick to write his revelation
    but as they were scrutinized
    in his colleagues eyes
    he soon became a mockery
    don't tell me about the answer
    'cause then another one will come along soon
    i don't believe you have the answer
    i've got ideas too
    but if you've got enought naivete
    and you've got conviction
    then the answer is perfect for you
    an urban spall sits choking on its discharge
    overwhelmed by industry
    searching for a modern day savior from another place
    inclined toward charity
    everyone's begging for an answer
    without regard to validity
    the searching never ends
    it goes on and on and on for eternity
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